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2022 ATA Men's Women's Open

The ATA National Championships were held at the USTA's Lake Nona campus July 25th-31st. In the Men's Open division, 19-year-old Tauheed Browning took the singles title, and former Texas All-American Breanna Addison, now associate head coach at Howard Universtiy, won the Women's Open division and the Mixed Doubles title. Addison, an NCAA semifinalist in 2013, lost only seven games in her five matches. 

Tauheed has been a long-time competitor of the ATA, winning the 10U at age 8, then going on to win 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U, and now our ATA Men's Open Champion.  Read more about Tauheed:


In addition to Breaunna's coaching position, she is also a leader of ATA, now holding the position of ATA Board Secretary.

First ATA NJTL Eastern Cup

In partnership with USTA Eastern, the ATA held the inaugural ATA NJTL Eastern Cup on May 14, 2022 at the United States Military Academy in West Point, N.Y. The event brought together kids ages 12-14 from National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL) organizations across the USTA Eastern Section to engage in some friendly team competition, and also to learn a little bit more about the academy itself.

Click to watch video highlights

USPTA Announces Partnership with the ATA

On January 11, 2021, the USPTA announced a partnership with the American Tennis Association (ATA) to provide extensive educational opportunities to ATA coaches.  Click on the icon to read more.

ITHF Launching Breaking the Barriers

December 2020, The International Tennis Hall of Fame launched a digital museum exhibit that offers a comprehensive look at the history of Black tennis in America.   The exhibit highlights more than 120 years of Black tennis history in America, featuring the inspiring stories of well-known champions and many other great players and leaders who fought racial discrimination to pursue equal opportunity in the sport.


ATA Host Week Long Virtual Series

 The ATA held its 1st Six Love Virtual Series on July 20, 2020, through July 24, 2020.  The series featured an array of speakers who spoke on a variety of topics from the history of the ATA to the future of tennis. To see the full session list and speakers click here.


The entire tennis industry has come together to analyze the most pressing needs and the top concerns of all involved in the sport of tennis, and to collaborate on programs. The group is called ‘Tennis Industry United’.  The group is made up of the USTA, USPTA, PTR, INA, TA, and the ATA. Click here for more information.


Remembering a Lifetime Member and Tennis Legend

Robert ‘Bob’ Ryland, the 1st Black professional tennis player who reached 100 years old in June 2020, passed away on August 2, 2020. Visit our Remembrance Page to see tributes from ATA members. Below are some resources to learn more about this amazing trailblazer:

Partnership with UTR on joint Webinars


In July 2020, the ATA partnered with UTR to provide two informational webinars to our joint membership.  Below are links to these sessions if you are interested in reviewing:

The 96th ATA National Tournament


ATA 100th Anniversary featured in Tennis Magazine ata


Check out the ATA in the 2013 US Open Official Program Book.  Click Here to read the article.

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