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We are a non-profit membership organization focused on ensuring equity in all aspects of the tennis industry.  As an organization, our reach extends beyond the local level. With your partnerships/sponsorships, we can continue our impact through programs, events, tournaments, and community engagements.

Many of the ATA juniors come from underserved communities. Our programs give our players the opportunity to play tennis and acquire skills that will have an impact on their future. The ATA has taken the necessary steps to invest in our junior achievement. As we promote more and build our activation points, it is imperative that we build mutually beneficial relationships with corporations, philanthropic organizations, and individual supporters. With these partnerships, we will have the means to continue to build the ATA.

Your support of the ATA provides a way for us to work with community partners for the common good and to transform shared beliefs and hopes into action. The ATA has educated, inspired, enlightened, and nurtured through tennis, people of every age, gender, race, and social-economical status from coast to coast,  border to border, and beyond. Through our reach, we have introduced youth to tennis who may not have the opportunity to play tennis. We have torn down barriers to transform tennis to a sport that is more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. 


Life Time Members


Tournament Participants


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Tennis Tournaments

  • Continue to provide opportunities for healthy competition by hosting tournaments in underserved communities.

  • We support regional, local, and our National tournaments. These tournaments draw player s from across the US. Many of our junior players receive tennis scholarships to college and graduate to rewarding careers.      


Player Development

  • Level the playing ground for minority youth to compete effectively in tennis

  • Become a funnel for players to enter College and Professional play.


HBCU Partnerships

  • Develop stronger partnerships with HBCU coaches to increase collegiate competition for underserved youth.

  • Educate the community on opportunities with HBCUs.


Education & History

Through our virtual events, we provide educational opportunities for players, coaches, and tennis enthusiasts. 


Health & Wellness

Our tournaments draw a large group of older adults over the age of 70. We know that tennis offers older adults the opportunity to maintain their physical strength, emotional stability, and mental awareness.  It's a lifelong sport.   Each year, our National tournament draws over 500 older adults from all over the US. We promote healthy lifestyles by fostering opportunities to play tennis, health sessions, and active lifestyle tips.


People with Disabilities

The ATA believes that everyone can play and enjoy tennis. We have a partnership with Love Autism, a nonprofit that teaches youth with autism to play adaptive tennis.   We offer webinars to parents and coaches to provide support to families who have loved ones living with disabailities.

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