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Overall responsibility for individual, section, and club membership fees, accounts, oversight of membership database, communications with members/newsletters. Development of strategies to attract new members and retaining existing members and getting members involved in the mission of the organization. Responsibilities include organizing membership campaigns, conducting membership surveys, and enhancing member benefits.


Overall responsibility for development and fundraising for the ATA. The development includes seeking corporate sponsors and large individual donors, writing grants, and other sophisticated methods of generating revenue.



Communications/Marketing PR:
Responsible for promoting and maintaining effective communications with ATA members, the community, and partners. Promotes ATA activities through its website content, publications, and social media.


Sectional/Club Engagement:
Serve as the primary link between the ATA, sections, and clubs. Responsible for ensuring proper communications as well as cooperation between ATA sections and clubs. Responsibility also involves providing technical support to ATA

sections and clubs.


The Tournament Committee which includes the Tournament Director works to organize and execute successful ATA 
tournaments. The committee oversees and implements the general operations of tournaments. The Ranking Committee is responsible for developing and implementing a ranking system for the ATA. The committee is also responsible for the ranking players who participate in ATA tournaments.


Junior Development:
The Junior Development Committee will be responsible for promoting junior tennis. The committee will oversee the development, coordination and expansion of opportunities for junior tennis. The committee will be the liaison to ATA sections and club’s junior development programs.


The Finance Committee Chaired by the Treasurer will guide all financial policy activities of the ATA. The Committee will review financial statements, work with the treasurer to develop an annual budget to be approved by the Board.


Historical Preservations:
The Historical Preservation Committee is responsible for coordinating, promoting and implementing a program to preserve the ATA history.


Dispute Resolution Committee:
Designed to provide members with a process to resolve disputes and controversies as may arise within the scope of the ATA.


9701 Apollo Drive, Suite 100 | Largo, MD 20774

TEL: 240.487.5953

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