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Deanne Chevannes

Moderator: The Future of Black Tennis

With over 28 years of working with a variety of companies that provide technology solutions to the philanthropic community and holding senior management positions, Deanne has led strategic business initiatives to expand products and services to the giving community. She started Focused, LLC, to transfer her wealth of knowledge on technologies required to support efficient business practices to the non-profit sector. As a partner with clients of all sizes and areas of focus, Deanne assists non-profit business leaders in driving performance, developing digital strategies, and operational efficiency. Together, they build solutions and technology roadmaps that are necessary to achieve vital outcomes. Utilizing an employee-focused approach, Deanne helps clients synthesize information from wide-ranging sources, reframe problems, and uncover root causes to find refreshing, creative, and efficient solutions. She has worked with foundations such as Ford, Kresge, and Wallace Global Fund to efficiently overhaul their processes. In 2019, Deanne co-founded Amandla Consulting Group Founded, a group formed by two professional women of color dedicated to helping minority-led non-profit organizations realize their core mission through capacity building and empowerment.

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