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  • What is the ATA National Championships?
    The ATA National Championships is a historic tournament which started in 1917. This is our 104th Championships and will bring together players from age 8 – over 80. This year’s Championships is offering 6 Tournaments over 10 days: July 29 - 30: USTA Junior Circuit ATA National Green Ball Championship (10U) July 26 - 28: 12U – 18U Level 5 (boys/girls) National Sanctioned Junior July 24 - 25: 12U – 18U (boys/girls) Unsanctioned Junior Doubles July 28 - 30: Adults (over 18) Men’s/Women’s Open July 28 - 30 : Adults (over 18) NTRP July 25 - 28: Adults (over 18) Men’s/Women’s Tournament Each of the Tournaments above will have several events. See below for sample event names: 14U Girls Singles 14U Girls Doubles NTRP 3.0 Men's 18 & over Singles NTRP 3.0 Men's 18 & over Doubles Women's 40 & over Singles Women's 40 & over Doubles
  • How do I enter a tournament?
    Registration is done on the USTA tool Serve Tennis. Direct registration links for each Tournament can be found on our website Players are required to have a current ATA membership. Please note: Juniors tournament fee includes ATA membership You are required to have a USTA ID (not membership) to register – getting an ID is FREE Players should register online, the entry deadline is July 8th.
  • Do I need to be a USTA Member to play?
    No, you are not required to have a USTA membership to attend – but you must have a USTA ID – you can easily register for a free USTA ID during the tournament registration process. Click here to register;
  • How do I withdraw from the tournament without penalty?
    You can withdraw by going into USTA Serve Tennis and following the steps to delete your registration. Tournament withdrawals should also be completed prior to the entry deadline.
  • How much will it cost to participate in the ATA National Championships
    Entrance Fees for 10U: $50/person Singles, $25/person Doubles Entrance Fees for Junior Doubles : $67.50/person Singles, $35/person Doubles Entrance Fees for Junior Singles: $95/per person Entrance Fees for Adults Open $110/person Singles, $55/person Doubles Entrance Fees for Adults NTRP $86.50/person Singles, $43.25/person Doubles Entrance Fees for Adults $91.50/person Singles, $48.25/personDoubles
  • How many events am I allowed to sign-up for?
    For each event; such as Adult Age Groups, Adult NTRP: Each Adult player can register to play 2 events;– player can play 2 singles events, 2 doubles events (including same gender events), 2 mixed doubles or a combination thereof. If you have questions, please contact our team at
  • Do spectators have to pay admission?
    No, we are allowing free admission for spectators. They will have to adhere to all the current COVID guidelines just like our players. For updated COVID guides at the USTA’s National Campus, please visit their site;
  • Will there be practice courts?
    Yes, practice court arrangements must be made directly with the USTA National Campus staff, inquire at the front desk.
  • What are the surfaces for the events?
    Junior events will be played on hard courts Adult Open played on hard courts NTRP will be played on clay courts Adult unsanctioned tournament (all ages) will be on clay* Tournament Director reserves the right to change match surface (clay or hard court) based on inclement weather delays.
  • How will draws be made?
    The draw is made the same way at every tournament. First, the seeds (the highest-ranked players in the draw) are placed in the draw (No. 1 on the first line, No. 2 on the last line and then the others in alternating order on pre-determined lines). Once the seeds are in place, the other players are drawn at random and placed on the empty lines -- starting at the top and going down the draw until it is filled.
  • When will you post the draws?
    The last day to register is July 8th, the draw will be posted shortly after this date and prior to tournament start.
  • Can I PLAY both the Adults Open and NTRP Tournaments?
    Yes, these events are on different days - so players can register for both.
  • Can I PLAY both the Open/NTRP and the Unsanctioned Adult Tournaments?
    No, since the Open and the NTRP is taking place at the same time: July 28th - 30th
  • What will be the scoring for the adult events?
    The adult singles and doubles events are best of 2 of 3 sets with a 3rd set 10 point tiebreaker, regular scoring. Tournament Director reserves the right to change the scoring format based on inclement weather delays.
  • What is the Match format for the Adult Tournaments?
    All adult events will be First Match Losers Consolation or round robin depending on the size of the draw.
  • How do I decide what age group my child can play?
    The USTA looks at your child’s age as of August 1st. They must be that age or under to play that event. So to play 16U, as of August 1st, the child must be 16 years or younger. A Child player can play up – if your child is 16 on August 1st, they can play both 16U or 18U events, they cannot play 14U.
  • What is the difference between Junior Sanctioned and Unsanctioned events?
    A Sanctioned tournament is approved by the USTA and allows USTA member players to gain points and the event will affect their ranking; An Unsanctioned tournament does not provide points for USTA, however both Sanctioned and Unsanctioned events will affect a player’s UTR ranking.
  • What will be the scoring for the Junior events?
    Unsanctioned and L-5 Sanctioned Single Events will be 2 out of 3 sets; with a 10 point tiebreaker - no add scoring. Junior Doubles ONLY will be 8 game pro set; no add scoring Tournament Director reserves the right to change match scoring based on inclement weather delays.
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