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Hello ATA Southern Section Family,

A new South! A new Southern Section. A new us! As your President of the Southern American Tennis Section (SATS),
I learned of the challenges and concerns that many of you have. Some of which include, lack of communication, unorganized membership process and lack of ATA Southern Section cohesiveness. These matters concern me greatly and one of the goals I have, while in this position, is to mend the communication gaps and awaken the unity and togetherness that once embodied the Southern Section of the ATA while I competed as a junior. I'll need your help.

I want to try and change the culture of our past. I look to bring our leaders together and hold an online webinar or maybe meet in person. Early 2019, I'll use that time to introducing myself formally, field questions and outline some of the goals for the South. I have so many ideas, as I'm sure you do too. One of the ways I wanted to bridge the communication gap is through a branded website and email newsletter.

My first topic will be my approach to better communication and how to avoid the challenges from the past. Second, I want to discuss plans to build our junior development in the South, such as, regional rallies, sanctioned sectional UTR tournaments as well as initiating the first ATA junior league & after-school program. Third, I want to discuss Club concerns and growing a cohesive culture through annual ATA Club tournaments for adult and junior members to enjoy and compete. Last, I would like to discuss areas of revenue growth and how I can help market and physically assist ATA Club new membership events.

Finally, I want to say that I'm very honored to hold this position as President of the Southern Section. Roxanne Aaron, our ATA National President, has given me the opportunity to show her how strong the ATA South can be. Below is a link to our website. Please save the site, sign up for our mailing list and use the contact form to ask questions, state your past frustrations and finally, let me know what you are looking for me address first. Thank you!


Talk soon!

Rocky Warner,

President - ATA South


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